Many of you know that I have fascination with pain and in particular chronic pain and the role that inflammation can play.

Turmeric , a bright orange root-like subterranean stem (aka a rhizome) is famous for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It’s been used in Chinese medicines for centuries to heal wounds, treat skin conditions, inflammations and infections.

The main active ingredient is “curcumin” and there is lots of good research about it.

Buy bits from your local shop, scrap or cut the skin off, and I’d say, put it in stews, or soups. However, I came across this recipe for turmeric tea:

Cut an inch of turmeric, chop it up ( or grate it), add some lemon juice put it in a cup of hot water with a pinch of black pepper (the Piperine in black pepper helps with the absorption of Curcumin in turmeric) and voila, you have drink that is truly awful. Another recipe suggested adding some ginger. That it works a treat, it makes it taste even nastier.

Kate supportively commented ” how lovely , you’ve made a cup of wee and cut out the middle man”

As long as it never makes it near your tea pot, its a big yes to turmeric in curry’s, stew’s, and soups.

The reality is that i am a big salad eater, so, as its a good idea to get turmeric into your life, im always adding it to an extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette

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